Zerotech Office


ZEROTECH is a cutting-edge Chinese startup that specializes in manufacturing professional drones. Their headquarters is situated in the High-Tech District of Zhongguancun, Beijing, and the entire office/showroom space spans 600 sqm. The inspiration for the office concept stems from the company’s flagship product – the drone mainboard, which is referred to as the “drone’s brain.” The advanced technology in these boards, which can be likened to a real brain, enables drones to avoid obstacles and calculate distance, altitude, and angles. The office design takes cues from this technology, with a central area that connects all other functions of the space. Visitors, clients, and employees have separate paths leading to different areas within the office, such as the four flexible meeting rooms and the company timeline wall. The central area, which features a custom-made drone cage and a 10-meter company timeline showcasing the company’s successes, is the core of the space. Visitors can also test Zerotech drones’ flying capabilities in this area. The showroom, located through two corridors, exhibits the company’s significant products from the past years.
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