Fine Dining and Wine


Nestled on a peaceful street between PANICALE and the Czech embassy in Beijing lies a site steeped in fascinating history and a powerful image. The main concept is to highlight the overlapping of time and the stratifications of era’s, Sediment With each layer of time bring to the light add to this location a great value, every detail is carefully crafted to match the overall post-industrial style, color scheme, and material combination. This site was once a pioneering Chinese market that introduced foreign products to the area. To pay homage to this local history, a strong and symbolic color has been chosen for its identity: Royal Yellow. This shade represents imperial power, prosperity, and is traditionally reserved for the Emperor, making it a fitting choice. Yellow is also a color that evokes warmth, empathy, and good faith, central to traditional Chinese culture and present throughout their history. By utilizing this color, a bridge between cultures can be created, honoring the site’s heritage and connecting it to the present day.
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