Officina 32

Fitness Gym


The gym’s interior design draws inspiration from post-industrial aesthetics, featuring raw materials, exposed pipes, and rugged finishes for an edgy and urban look with minimalistic elements. The Technogym equipment is the gym’s centerpiece, featuring cutting-edge machines arranged to maximize functionality, ease of use, movement, and ventilation. Strong graphic elements throughout the gym reinforce the brand’s messaging, using bold typography, vibrant colors, and inspiring slogans to create a cohesive visual language that adds energy and motivation to the space. The gym also features a bike-sharing station and a healthy juice bar, offering members the opportunity to explore the city and stay active outdoors, as well as refresh and replenish after their workouts. Overall, this gym offers a complete fitness experience that is both functional and stylish, with its post-industrial aesthetics, state-of-the-art equipment, and healthy amenities. It’s a dynamic and sophisticated space that motivates members to reach their fitness goals.
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