La Suite

Club & Lounge


LA SUITE is design to express the exclusive Italian night culture. Gold, Royal Blue and Black are the Key color. The fully immersive terrace will let you take in the vibes of the city in the afternoon during daily event, while in the night time it will enclose the venue to create the perfect noise-proof atmosphere to fully engage and enjoy the party experience. La Suite, Located on Wuding Lu in Jing’an, Shanghai. La Suite is all about food, drinks and music. It’s primarily positioned as an Italian club that hosts live shows with various themes like Cabaret, Burlesque and more, but it also serves tasty Italian treats from 7pm. In the evenings, DJ performances are featured, along with a range of cocktails to uplift your mood. The all space is developed around the iconic bar desk, benches and seating area are placed around the Bar counter. The shape of the bar counter is design to allow bar tender to serv a big amount of customers without create waiting line in specific point. The Atmosphere is the key features of this amazing Bar, Lighting system adjust according to the functions, during the afternoon tea the led stripes places in strategic spot highlight the golden detail, by night the MADRIX grid system on the ceiling change the mood completely and create scenography up to the best DJ Set. The color of the Lighting system it change at night to create a sexy and mysterious place where forget about the rest of the city and enjoy party with old and new friend.
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