Bank of Changsha Headquarter


A total of 68,500 square meters and 36 floors make the new Headquarter of Bank of Changsha. The Building is located in the river front in the most important business area of Changsha, it represent an icon of stability and wealth for all of is customers and employee. The ground floor Lobby is full of contemporary Art pieces and the brightness of the main materials create a perfect environment that allow visitors and employee a unique experience. The first three floors are the public commercial facilities of the building, a showroom with futuristic products and a new state of the Art Bank 3.0, from the Fourth floor to the twenty six floor are located all the working facilities divided in different departments, meeting rooms, negotiation rooms, independent office and common area with working stations, a gym and a company canteen, the rest of the building is designed for the executive member and the all top floor is for the CEO office.
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