ZEROTECH Office/Showroom

Zerotech ZEROUAV
Total Surface 600 sqm
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone
Andrea Ardizzi

Photo by
Chiara Ye

Description read more ZEROTECH UAV is an innovative chinese hi-tech start up that produce professional drones. Their headquarter is located in Beijing in the High tech District of Zhongguancun. The total office/showroom area is 600 sqm and together with the design of the interior Plusout design studio create the environmental graphic design and all the graphics inside the space. The space concept of Zerotech Office begin from the main product that made the company famous all around the world: the drone mainboard also known as the "drone’s brain". This small boards are so advanced that they can be compared to real brains, they can make a drones avoid obstacles, calculates distance , altitudes and angles, all this datas reach the brain and like synapses allow the drones to react quickly to the environment. This technology got the design team so impressed that it has been used as the main design guideline for their new office. The whole space experience is arranged around a central area which is the synapse that connect all the others functions inside the space. Starting from the entrance where the reception is located there are different paths for employees, clients and visitors. One drives the mangers and employees directly to their offices. Another one is for clients and lead them to the four flexible meeting rooms. Last one is for the visitors and lead them to the central area where there's the company timeline wall, the drone cage and after to the showroom. The central area is the core of the space, is the area where the big show take place. Customers and visitors seating in a bench carved in the wall can try Zerotech drones flyings inside a custom made cage. Near the cage there’s a ten meters company timeline that showcase all the achievements and success of this young company. Two corridors lead to the showroom, an area where the most important products produced by Zerotech in the last 3 years are hanged on the ceiling and controlled by a remote that can let them move down to the floor to be watch closely. In this area there are also twelve boards 2.7x1.2m that display informations of each product. All this boards align next to each others automatically rotate and create a projection boards for company events.