SPHERA The Earth's Renovation

EVOLO International Competition / Honourable Mention
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone

Description read more 2050 PREVISION The report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Environmental Outlook to 2050: The consequences of inaction, presents the latest projections of socio-economic trends over the next four decades, and their implications for four key areas of concern: climate change, biodiversity, water and the health impacts of environmental pollution. Despite the recent recession, the global economy is projected to nearly quadruple by 2050. Rising living standards will be accompanied by ever growing demands for energy, food and natural resources and more pollution. Urban air pollution is set to become the top environmental cause of mortality worldwide by 2050, ahead of dirty water and lack of sanitation. The number of premature deaths from exposure to particulate air pollutants leading to respiratory failure could double from current levels to 3.6 million every year globally, with most occurring in China and India.

2150 VISION By 2100 it will be extremely unhealthy to live in megacity areas and people will migrate to the countryside seeking cleaner air, food and water. By 2150 megacities like Beijing, Jakarta, New York and London will be abandoned ghost cities and automated bulldozers will be sent to demolish buildings and infrastructures, saving only sited of historical value. By recycling the demolished material, the bulldozers start the construction of SPHERA.

SPHERA is a new type of living environment, where the citizens of the world will live during the “earth’s regeneration”, by using innovative and sustainable energies. At the same time, the purpose of SPHERA is to build an entirely new civilization, where people will try to redesign their culture and generate a sustainable society by creating a global-resource based economy that enables all people to reach their highest potential, a society that protects and preserves its environment. All people, regardless of political views, social customs and religion, ultimately require the same resources, such as clean air and water, arable land, medical care and relevant education. The human race is a single family and the earth is home to us all. It is simply not possible to separate ourselves from our fellow human beings anymore and coexistence is a necessity. Each SPHERA-Unit provides all the sustenance needs of a human being and can hold 4 million inhabitants. SPHERA is divided into different areas from bottom to top: goods production area, research area, educational area, mixed use and residential area. Included in the idea of self-sufficiency is the automatization of the production, distribution and disposal lines, thereby allowing SPHERA’s inhabitants to develop their diversity and explore their individuality. As they are freed of boring and frustrating jobs they are allowed to follow their creative instinct instead of being slaves to the monthly pay-check, because there’s “No social stability without individual stability”.

SPHERA Construction The construction is divided into 3 phases: Core: Connected to the ground with storage tanks of water, energies, goods, this is the heart of SPHERA. It works like a distribution network for energies, supplies and transportations. The residential area is located in its top part. Floor plates and buildings: Thanks to the production area in the bottom part of the core, the construction of SPHERA is totally automated. Green areas and buildings are designed to generate a friendly and healthy environment according to a grid following the transportation system Shield: While the second phase is in process, the shield starts to grow all around the shape. SPHERA’s shield is an automated screen that controls lighting, temperature and air quality due to APA (air polluted abatement) equipment that can purify the air coming inside. The screen connected with the core can harvest, purify and store rainwater, generating energy during this process by water turbin.es In this shell there are also wind turbines, solar panels and air filters.

SPHERA Connections All SPHERA Units are connected to each other by a high-speed transportation track that can quickly connect cities all over the world, thus creating a new global society.