Sporting Life Care Beijing Carrefour

Sporting Life
Total Surface 360 sqm
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone
Andrea Ardizzi

Description read more SL is a concept that Plusout developed in all its aspect. From the concept, to the logo, visual identity, smartphone app till the visualization of the physical space. SL more than another sport company is a lifestyle brand with the aim to drive their customers into a healthy and balanced life. For the physical store Plusout design a hybrid space in between a restaurant and a gym. Located in Beijing IKEA mall the main feature is the shiny container bar at the entrance attracting customers with fresh and healthy power drinks. This bar placed in the middle of the window define the customer journey which is divided in fast lane, for fast consumer that prefer take away and slow lane, for people who want to enjoy the whole SL experience. Next to the entrance there are parking lot for the shopping trolley and lockers for shopping bags. In the central area there is the lounge area with punch boxes and soft chairs. All around elements related to sports activities.