Sky Loft

Fakro-International Competition
Hong Kong/China
Total Surface 250 sqm
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone

Description read more Nowadays, high-density urban areas are squeezed with forests of high-rise towers. Entire residential compounds built in the early 2000's, which at that time were suburban areas, are today enjoying the privilege of being newly developed regions of the city. Today these suburban areas are considered to be the downtown, so what was once a isolated residential area is now prime real estate. This consequently increased the property and renting prices over time, forcing people who can't afford them to move out from the "new downtowns". As a result, many apartments are empty and aging, and people must pay huge amount of money for small and old apartments. Flats in cities like Hong Kong (25.000 USD/sqm), Singapore (16.000 USD/sqm), Beijing and Shanghai (8.000 USD/sqm), are extremely expensive and often can't fulfill the housing needs of the newly wealthily Asian market, most of the time because the apartment's size. With New Vision of the Loft, we take action into this scenario. The usage of old residential towers located in the best spot of the city, in order to create a contemporary loft, incredible space, with breathless view. Thus by converting two separate apartments into one large adaptable space for families, artists, musicians. Using Fakro technologies and precast steel structure we create a module that can be customized for all kinds of apartments. This module, according to the height, will gain more space in the apartment creating a balcony over the city, a Sklyloft.