ISH Milk & Whisky Beijing

Private Client
Total Surface 110 sqm
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone
Andrea Ardizzi
Alessandra Sebastiani
Jimmy Lu

Photo by
Chiara Ye

Description read more Ish owner was one of the first man running a disco club in China back in the 80's. After 30 years in the business he decided to retire and approached us with the idea to create a small bar for himself, his friends and some of his loyal clients. A place where they could spend their free time day and night suitable for breakfast or late night drinks, the requirements were an elegant atmosphere with a little touch of glamour. We were chosen not only for the interior design but for the whole identity included the name. We decided to call it Ish. The space is a small store that we enlarge it by building a second floor, but in order to avoid a suffocating effect in such a small area we decide to leave a clear double space on both entrance sides. The first floor it's arranged with a bright bar with a corner bottle display amplified by the use of mirror in the background, a seating area with books and magazines. The staircase to reach the second floor play a fundamental role on the design of the space because they cut the duplex space with a diagonal tube visible from the outside. The second floor is devided in two areas. The vip area which can be closed partially to make the space more private and a seating area facing outside. We achieved a classy yet urban atmosphere by using grey concrete, black painted wooden bars and golden details.