IDEA Restaurant Tianjin

Private Client
Total Surface 450 sqm
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone

Description read more After 10 years working in Italy, chef tian decided to move back to his hometown, tianjin, and bring with him the experience of authentic Italian cuisine. His concept was to create a cozy and warm environment by taking references from some of the most prestigious italian restaurants, where he spent his youth learning. Combining simple and natural materials like wood and stone he decided to call his concept “idea”. The projects is organized onto four levels, each floor aims to accommodate different customer’s needs. The first floor features the main restaurant suitable for quick meals during the day, with a romantic and warm atmosphere during the night. The design features a weaving of elements made of stone, wood and rough concrete that create a tridimensional texture. The second floor is a private dining area that uses sliding screens to divide the spaces in small VIP rooms. A small bar desk makes this space suitable for private events. The third floor is a lounge bar, designed to recreate a cozy leaving room where customers can enjoy cigars after lunch or cocktails and live music after dinner. The forth floor is the “workshop kitchen”, tian’s idea is to invite famous chefs from Italy to work in his kitchen, so we designed a place where special guests can eat looking at the chef working or where cooking class can take place.