Food Love Bakery Xuzhou

Private Client
Total Surface 280 sqm
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone
Andrea Ardizzi
waiyan li

Description read more According to our understanding a bakery is the highest expression of food, create to fulfill the soul more than hunger. Our vision of Foodlove in not just another bakery shop. not a pit-stop kiosk but create an expe- rience for the customers, a journey through the process of baking. We believe that such an old and established tradition need to be valorized as much as an art. We could split the customers experience in three parts. The first part is the learning experience, the second part is the tasting and the third part is the atmosphere. The interior design of the space play a fundamental role in this journey. The learning experience is directly related with the layout and the sequence of the functions, in order to follow the baking process from the beginning till the end. The tasting experience is related with the arrangement of the food display. The atmosphere is achieved by the materials and lighting and determinate the length of staying of the customers. For these reasons we propose a combination between a bakery and a boutique. A place that will be familiar in the neighborhood and make the customers feel cozy and trendy at the same time.