Blue Marlin Beijing

Blue Marlin
Total Surface 750 sqm
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone
Maura Indica

Description read more Blue Marlin beijing is the last of twelve restaurants located all around china and it represents the rise of a successful company that after15 years in the f&b business want to transition their image from the marlin, known for its speed and freedom, to a sailing ship, representing their expansion and leadership. The design includes nautical elements like ropes and wood teck. The restaurant is located in an existing building that was used as bank and is extended on two floors.

THE FACADE AND OUTDOOR SPACES: Like in a sailing ship’s deck the outdoor space and the facade are in wood teck surrounded by fences made with ropes. the facade is a sinuous curve that recalls a boat sailing on a wavy sea and it wraps around the existing building metamorphosing and transforming the perception of the original shape. The outdoor space has a capacity of 40 seats and its divided in two areas, one next to the main entrance and another small patio covered by the facade’s cantilever.

THE INTERIOR: Because the original shape of the building, the first floor is divided in two areas and has a capacity of 200 seats. it includes a waiting area, main dining area, two vip rooms, stage for live music, bar and a second dining area. also included is a small storage and refrigerator room for beverages.

The main dining area, together with the waiting area and the stage is designed to be a flexible space that easily converts from a dining room to a gathering area for events. The stage with and instruments disappear during day time thanks to a thick metal mesh. during show times, this mesh slides around the stage in order to become the background. The ceiling is also covered by a metal mesh with a double ligthing system: one inside the mesh with led lights customized to create a lounge atmosphere, while the other is outside the mesh with moveable spot lights alloqing for a variety of dining room configurations. Two vip rooms overlook the dining area and thanks to the mirrored glass people can enjoy the show in total privacy. Wood and black tiles are the main materials in this area contrasted sometimes by nautical elements like ropes or metal net. From the main area a “bottleneck” point introduces visitors to the second dining area with the white “low poly” bar desk that represents an unfurled sail in the wind. A big round window in a white metal wall frames the city outside. The rest of the dining area is thought of as an openable deck that can open to outside during summer time.

The second floor has a capacity of 80 people and an allocated lounge area that includes a pool table, toilets, kitchen, service rooms and office. The pool area is designed as a private living room and the diagonal slab allows guests to watch any live performances on stage.