AFA Asian Fashion Academy

International Competition / Honourable Mention
Project Team
Santi Musmeci
Sebastiano Maccarrone
Paola Simoncelli
Daniele Verducci

Description read more The most attractive aspect of Bangkok’s urban structure is its colourful unpredictability. By walking in the downtown area it’s easy to encounter shop house, expensive condo, bungalow, abandoned orchard, luxury hotel, construction site or shopping mall, impossible to guess what will be next. Seduced by this peculiarity we decided to start from this urban character to design the Asean Fashion Academy (AFA), a building capable to attract people not only belonging to the fashion industry. In order to gain more outdoor space for the public we decided to push the building backward and leave half portion of the site for activities to promote the local fashion industry. This plaza on the ground floor continue inside the building with a public stairs/auditorium where citizen and visitors can rest, watching shows and partecipate to events organised by Asean Fashion Academy. The stairs/auditorium land on the basement where the space is organised with a reception, local design fashion stores and a temporary exhibition hall. From the basement the space is expanded till the top with all the main functions overlooking the void. The first floor is an open area that include the plaza with a cafeteria and a seating area. The second floor is also retail but for established asian brands in order to attract buyers. On the third and fourth floor are located the presentation facilities, with permanent exhibition, meeting areas, conference rooms, some of them sticking out from the facade others overlooking the void inside. The fifth and sixth floor is dedicated to the education facilities with classrooms, workshop rooms, design studios and an interactive library. On the seventh floor there’s the main fashion show area, the “sky-catwalk” , an iconic cantilever framing the sky. with all the facilities to host an high-end fashion show, with a lounge bar, vip area, press conference room, models changing rooms, 100m runway. The eighth and ninth level is a restaurant and bar with terrace and an hotel/apartment with 10 exclusive rooms for fashion designers, buyers and vip. The aim of the cantilever is to engaged the city and be a strong landmark in Bangkok skyline. The Plaza in the ground floor is open to the building interior space, designed in a lower level to invite people passing buy to take a look inside. From the street the attention is focused on the void in order to give to the visitors the amazement feeling of discovery when they reach the entrance. The Stairs/Auditorium is the main entrance of the building, can be used for shows, concerts, lectures or just as a covered plaza to spend the free time in a cultural environment. It lead visitors from the ground floor to the basement, where is located the reception area together with fashion stores and temporary exhibition hall. It is also the core of the building where visitors can enjoy the perception of the whole space as a complex. An another important access to the building is the bridge to the BTS station.We believe It’s foundamental to connect the building to the public trasportation and also to the other side of the road. The bridge reach the boutiques floor where all the estabilished brand are located and is the connection to the high-end shopping inside the building.