Founded in 2011 +OUT is a young interdisciplinary group that centers its practice on the research of innovative design solutions in a variety of cre-ative fields. The philosophy of +OUT is to add to the thinking and making process, people, ele-ments, references and facts out of the ordinary. Our aim is to achieve unexpected and innovative results, collaborate with experts from vari-ous fields to investigate together new creative strategies in order to deal with contemporary society’s needs. +OUT believes that good design evolves not from a single mind or idea, but from a collaboration of thinkers. By working with ex-perts from a variety of disciplines, we are able to develop unexpected solutions to those complex problems that contemporary society presents. An international team composed of architects, engineers, industrial designers, graphic design-ers, fashion designers, artisans, artists, busi-ness developers, retailers, and communication specialists, +out investigates creative strategies together to create a unique product.